Group Contact

Young Couples with Kids

For Couples & Families on Tuesday at 6:00pm PT | Weekly | Off-Campus | Placentia, CA

Leader(s): Bianca Guerrero, Isaac Guerrero Jr

We are looking to connect and grow relationships with other young couples with kids. However we are open to married couples without kids and/or couples out of our age range. We are 27 and 28, with 3 children ages 4,8, and 9. We love music and worship and would like to incorporate it into our group in the future. Children are welcome to come and play with our children. Depending on ages and amount of kids, we as a group will decide what we’d like to do for child care going forward. For example, if we have only a few older children they can play with our children in another area of the house. If we have younger children, we can pitch in a small amount for a sitter to watch them in a separate room. We are open and flexible with this! This semester we will be doing a Bible study plan on marriage and parenting. We hope you can join us!

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