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One Less Trip On the 91

For Everyone on Monday at 7:00pm PT | Weekly | Off-Campus | Corona, CA

Leader(s): Rob Zeeb Jr., Kathy Zeeb

We are a group made up of 20-somethings to early 70's, who have things in common like we love Jesus, we attend an Eastside campus, we live in the inland empire and we don't want to drive into Orange County (via the 91...) to have to participate in a Small Group.

We will be joining in on the Building A Resilient Faith study, a look at 8 transformational spiritual practices to help us connect with God. We welcome newcomers wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

We meet in person in the "Eagle Glen" area of Corona (15 & Cajalco/Eagle Glen Parkway) on Monday nights at 7:00 pm, and some in the group have been meeting since fall 2017.

This fall we will join in on the Limitless study. Normally, we engage in a multitude of discussions anywhere from what our current sermon series is, to discussing a book together or another group curriculum. We also serve together a couple of times a year in a compassion project and occasionally meet somewhere for a meal and a fun activity.

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