Care Group Registration

Celebrate Recovery - Anaheim

Campus: Anaheim
Location: Anaheim, CA
Schedule: Friday 7:00pm PT
Venue: On-Campus
Start Date:
Participants: Everyone
Category: Care & Recovery
Frequency: Weekly


  • Sarah Nowell
  • Greg Arbues
  • Vickie Carlberg

For those whose deep hurts, personal hang-ups, and bad habits have taken control of their life and began destroying relationships. This is a Christ centered, biblically based 12-step group.

We meet weekly, year round. Join us for dinner at 6 PM. We gather as a co-ed large group at 7 PM for worship and a teaching or testimony, followed by break-out groups for discussion at 8 PM. Break-out groups are gender and issue specific.

Break-out groups include:
Men's Chemical addiction group
Men's Sexual addiction group
Men's Mixed Issues group
Women's Co-dependency group
Women's Physical Sexual and Emotional Abuse group
Women's Mixed Issues group

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