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The Third Option / Relationship Repair

Campus: Bellflower
Location: Anaheim, CA
Schedule: Friday 7:00pm PT
Venue: On-Campus
Start Date: 9/29/2022
Participants: Everyone
Category: Care & Recovery
Frequency: Weekly


  • Sonia Anguiano
  • Wayne Wong

Are you discouraged about your marriage or relationship? Wish you had a better one? Does it need a boost? Do you fear you are growing apart? If you said, "Yes!" to any of these questions, come learn new ways to handle old problems!

The Third Option is a weekly (starts September 9) support group for people who want to work on relationships by learning how to handle anger more constructively, resolve conflicts, and communicate better, to name a few. It is good for anyone in any stage of relationship (seriously dating, engaged, married, or separated), even if you are single. This program can also help relationships with family, friends, or the workplace. It combines support groups, instructed lessons, and mentor couples sharing their stories to give participants insight and hope that reconciliation is possible, and workshops to improve relationship and communication skills. More information about The Third Option:

The Third Option can be a tune-up for married couples.

The Third Option can help distressed couples.

The Third Option's main goal is self-change. Participants must be willing to work on themselves, not their spouse or partner.

The Third Option can help people learn their mistakes made in the past and not repeat those same mistakes in future relationships.

14-Week Workshop Topics

1) Building a Climate of Respect
2) Responsibility and the Blame Game
3) Understanding Expectations
4) Redefining the Power Struggle
5) Coping with Control Issues
6) Listening Beyond the Words
7) Appreciating Personality Differences
8) Recognizing Childhood Issues and Emotional Baggage
9) Handling Anger Constructively
10) Speaking the Truth in Love
11) Learning How to Fight Fair
12) Breaking the Hurt Cycle
13) Practicing Forgiveness and Repair
14) Rebuilding Trust

The group meets Fridays at 7 PM to support and encourage one another on the healing journey.

While there is no cost to join the group, there is a nominal cost of $25 for the work binder.

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