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Healing Hearts (Online)

Campus: Redlands
Location: Online
Schedule: Tuesday 9:30am PT
Venue: Online
Start Date: 1/25/2022
Participants: Women
Category: Care & Recovery
Frequency: Weekly


  • Donna Shaddox

We are a Christian Faith based ministry. One of our goals is to develop a deeper and genuine relationship with God and others. Our studies are directed toward ways for women to view, think, act and feel better about themselves.

HURTS ...we have all experienced them. One Hurt can lead to another Hurt. A life of false beliefs that rejection, unworthiness, discouragement, low self esteem, insecurity and other beliefs will always be with us. Many have had very deep pain which extends beyond painful and Hurtful words.

***We are not counselors, but we do have a passion to help others based on our own past experiences. We want to make sure we all learn and grow in Christ's love together. We encourage you to share your thoughts, complete assignments (when provided) and be comfortable!

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