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Mental Wellness for Women - Thurs (Online)

For on Thursday at 7:00pm PT | Weekly | Online


A group for women who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

We will be working through the "Thrive Workbook" created by Mental Health Grace Alliance. Thrive is a whole-health approach to Mental health wellness.

+ Physical tools to fortify your brain + body against mental/emotional distress, managing stress easier.

+ Mental tools to work down negative and intense thoughts and make “renewing your mind” practical and easy.

+ Spiritual tools to renew your worth, meaning, and belonging in Christ that help minimize and manage mental health stressors.

+ Relational tools to build (rebuild) confident, safe and healthy relationships and community (family, marriage, friends) which minimize stress and improve life.

Participants can purchase their Thrive Workbook at

Mental Wellness is all about the mind and the way to be transformed is through renewing your mind in God's Word!! Please join us on our journey towards healing. Healing is for you as well.

Disclaimer - Grace groups are for individuals who struggle with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD). They are support groups that are intended to work in conjunction with your mental health professional. They are led by those who have learned to successfully manage their own mental health issues; they are not licensed counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists.

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