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Mental Wellness for Women

For Women on Friday at 7:00pm PT | Weekly | On-Campus | Anaheim, CA

Leader(s): Letha Selby

A group for women who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

We will be reading "Renewing Your Mind" by Neil Andersen. It's a six week study and we will be covering:

• Being Transformed
• Living Under Grace
• Overcoming Anger
• Overcoming Anxiety
• Overcoming Depression
• Overcoming Losses

Mental Wellness is all about the mind and the way to be transformed is through renewing your mind in God's Word!! Please join us on our journey towards healing. Healing is for you as well.

Disclaimer - Grace groups are for individuals who struggle with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD). They are support groups that are intended to work in conjunction with your mental health professional. They are led by those who have learned to successfully manage their own mental health issues; they are not licensed counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists.

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